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Critical Gravity Review

Critical Gravity is an app developed by MOGA Creative. Critical Gravity was first published on . Critical Gravity is available for Steam.

Critical Gravity is VR Pipe Racing.
Badrad to the extreme. Fast paced white knuckle VR madness!

Key Features

  • 18 Unique Tracks in 3 Diameters : 120 meter pipe, 100 meter pipe and 80 meter pipe.
  • 5 Modes per Track.
  • Single Player Campaign.
  • Online Multiplayer.
  • 60+ Achievements.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Time Keeper in VR.

Voice Commands & Mode Types:

  • Re-center (Resets your Rift and Vive tracking)
  • Quit Track (Quits the current track and returns to the main menu)
  • Quit Game (Quits the game when in the main menu)

  • Easy Mode - The pipe has an attractive force continuously pulling you to the closest part of the track. Jumping from one part to another is possible.
  • Hard Mode - There is no attractive force from the pipe and you are left to your wits to stay on. Tracks are striped to tell you which side is up
  • Race Mode - Compete against AI with active pipe attraction aka easy mode.
  • Online Easy- Race against friends in Easy mode.
  • Online Hard- Place your bets!!! Race against friends in Hard mode on any of the 18 Tracks.


Coming sometime...

  • Trees and environment for the tracks.
  • Input axis sensitivity slider for Xbox controller and the like .
  • Credits .

Critical Gravity can be played with a 'steering wheel / foot pedal pedal' controller paired with the a VR HMD.

Critical Gravity

4.2 / 5

Critical Gravity Logo
Author: MOGA Creative
Size: 3 GB available space

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