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Backyard Brawl Review

Backyard Brawl is an app developed by Fullbrik Games. Backyard Brawl was first published on . Backyard Brawl is available on Steam.

Welcome to Backyard Brawl! A third person laser tag game.

With a variety of weapons and gameplay, Backyard Brawl is the game you should play.


Go up against other players, all with one goal in mind. Eliminate all other opponents until I rein champion. Survive as long as possible, but if you die, you still keep all your eliminations and ammo. In this Gamemode, there are 4 weapons:
  • Asault Rifle, found in the road behind the houses.
  • Sniper, found in the top floor of the houses.
  • SMG, found in the back of the houses.
  • Shotgun, found in the front of the houses.

Move = WASD
Sprint = Shift (cannot sprint while reloading or sprinting)
Reload = R (cannot reload while sprinting)
Pickup = E
Shoot = Left Click (Cannot shoot while sprinting)
Aim = Right Click (Cannot aim while sprinting)

Backyard Brawl

3 / 5

Backyard Brawl Logo
Author: Fullbrik Games
Size: 10 GB available space

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